"I'm a skeptic not because
I do not want to believe,
but because I want to know . "

        Michael Shermer

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The St. Joseph Skeptics began in late 2008 with a simple note in the newspaper inviting area atheists to an organizational meeting at Hazel's cafe. Soon nearly a dozen were gathering, enjoying conversation with like-minded people, and agreeing to return the next week.

After several meetings, the location changed several times until we are now meeting Sunday afternoons starting at 2:00 in the Belt branch of the Rolling Hills Public Library.

Along with conversation and discussion, occasionally a film is viewed such as Bill Mahar's, "Religilous" or "Jesus Camp". Discussions cover a variety of topics from the day's news to areas where religion impedes human activity.

If you are secular humanist, atheist, agnostic, or other free thinker, and would like to meet with others with similar views, you are welcome to join our group.

If you aren't sure -- you really don't know if a non-religious lifestyle is right for you -- this is the place to find information that could be helpful. Before you make a decision, make sure you get all the facts.

If you are a basically religious person and would like to learn more about those with different views, you are also very welcome. We are always happy to answer questions and share views. We don't argue, make demands, give warnings, or proselytize. We leave that to others.

Drop by any Sunday. No collection plate is passed. So, bring your own coffee.

If you have questions and are unable to meet with us in person, contact us at:

St. Joseph Skeptics
P.O. Box 8908
St. Joseph MO 64508-8908
MEMBERS NOTE: Click Meetings & Sign above for weekly information.

Join Us

Rolling Hills
Public Library
1904 N Belt Highway
St. Joseph, MO

Sunday, 2:00 pm


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